EQ Associates offers programs to improve your organization's emotional intelligence.
  • Keynote Presentations:
  • Cutting-edge keynotes and presentations that will mobilize and motivate your audience.

  • EQ 101:
  • Application of the principles of emotional intelligence in the workplace--taught in a group setting.

  • Team EQ:
  • Multifaceted leadership training for management teams. Reduce conflict, enhance communication, and improve team performance. Includes individual and team leadership feedback, skill development, peer support, coaching and team-building activities.

  • Executive Collaborations:
  • An in-depth program taking executives through a comprehensive process to leverage their strengths and fine tune their leadership challenges. An exploration of corporate culture, management style, personality and leadership effectiveness.

  • Executive Coaching:
  • A series of focused sessions in which an EQ Associate and the executive, working together, target specific leadership challenges and explore alternative solutions for greater effectiveness.

  • From Hi-Tech to New Exec:
  • Group training designed to introduce high-tech experts to the challenges and skills of leading others.

  • Conflict Resolution:
  • Training in mediation and negotiation skills. Direct intervention in employee conflicts.

  • EQ International:
  • The application of EQ principles to cross-cultural dynamics.

Programs offered by EQ Associates are tailored to the particular needs of your organization. The broad talents and skills of EQ Associates allow for in-depth work with individuals as well as large and small groups. You may reach us at the number and address below for further information.


"Emotional intelligence is a concept whose time has come, whether you're a supervisor, manager, director or top executive"

Jack Canfield, author of best selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series

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