Psychology of Champions

The Focus Edge Mindset of Champions Can Help Build Your Motivation, Confidence and Concentration!

by James J. Barrell, Ph.D.
David Ryback, Ph.D.

Psychology and Sports

Do you dream of greater success in all aspects of your life and work? Want to be a winner by gaining the life skills and techniques used by champions over the years?

Whatever your own goals, whether at work, at sports, or in your personal life, they can be more easily attained by learning the personal approach and techniques for success, as shared — for the first time ever — by sports legends and super-athletes, in their own words.

Stories of Success

Across sports and over time, the champions who dominated their leagues have had certain philosophies and personal approaches that worked for them — consistently.

These gems can be used in your own life, no matter what the challenge, if you can transfer them from the playing field to your own arena of aspiration. The same success principles work for all settings, if you apply their basic principles.

Let the Champions Show You How!

  • Follow the paths of baseball, basketball and football stars as they share exactly what worked for them.
  • Discover the overarching importance of motivation for practicing best skills, the resulting confidence, and the power of Focus Edge concentration, in the champions' personal accounts.
  • Master the Focus Edge mindset that reliably results in dramatic success in day-to-day settings, whether at work, at sports or in your personal life.
  • This book is your key to using the secrets of champions for a more rewarding life.

Praise for Psychology of Champions

If you want to know "how to get the job done," read this book. Every champion has a story to tell that you can benefit from. — Smokin' Joe Frazier:  World Boxing Champion
I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit personally and professionally from this book. Psychology of Champions is at once insightful, entertaining and, above all, USEFUL! The lessons in this book, gleaned from interviews with over 60 superstar athletes, can be immediately applied in anyone's life. James Barrell and David Ryback have done us a great service; they've taken greatness and made it accessible to you and me. I can think of no more valuable gift. — Bill Treasurer:  author of Right Risk and former member of U.S. High Diving Team
Wow! Incredible! This book puts it all together when it comes to winning at sports or, for that matter, any competition in life. Read it and be the best you can be. Barrell and Ryback have really discovered what it takes to be a champion. — Doug Smart:  author of TimeSmart
Inspiring! Common threads that athletes can use to define their success. — Tony Malone:  Human Resources Manager, MSC Industrial Supply Co.