David Ryback, Ph.D.
Dr. David Ryback

David Ryback, Ph.D. is a speaker and consultant on organizational success. He is the author of Putting Emotional Intelligence to Work and over fifty journal articles. In addition to his business and government consulting, he has taught for the University of Maryland and Emory University's School of Business.

Joe Sasso is an original member of EQ Associates. He is a certified EQ Mentor. His experiences span many years with Motorola where he was the leader of a global business consulting, training and development team. Joe focuses on executive leadership and team building. He has authored several books.

Michael Boozer, B.S., PHR is a leadership coach and consultant with over 35 years experience leading people, building high performance teams, and helping leaders improve their skills and behaviors. He has over 25 years experience working with an investor-owned Fortune 500 Electric and Gas utility. He has also worked with major healthcare providers, maximizing the performance of process improvement teams.

Deborah Brown (Debbie) is an executive coach and Social + Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach® who specializes in executive coaching, management development and leadership, performance management and career transitions, and outplacement. She is a Master Practitioner of the MBTI personality assessment and earned the SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) certification. She helps both organizations and individuals on their road to success.

Jonas Hangvar, in Sweden (M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management), is a development and leadership consultant with over 10 years leadership experience. His focus is next-generation technology platforms in different business and technology contexts, from vision to deployment. He combines different state-of-the-art concepts and brings them into practice, delivering concrete results.

Lawrence Reekie, in the United Kingdom, (MBA from Glasgow University) is a results-driven consultant whose primary focus is to use the expertise and business skills gained through working with several leading international companies to help executives and business owners achieve their true potential for greater bottom-line success.


"Emotional intelligence plays a significant role in making the workplace not only more productive, but more meaningful and enjoyable."

David Ryback, author of Putting Emotional Intelligence to Work

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