Emotional Intelligence
Can Make Your Business More Successful (and enjoyable, too).

Recent research has shown that it is not diplomas, intellect, or technical competence that account for business success, but rather Emotional Intelligence. It's not IQ that matters, but EQ that makes the difference.

EQ is the most revolutionary concept to come to the workplace in this generation. It comes into play at every level, resulting in.

  • Better communication skills
  • Faster conflict resolution
  • Outstanding leadership skills
  • More and larger sales

David Ryback's talk "Raising Your EQ" will bring these results and more into your organization.

David Ryback, Ph.D. is an adviser to corporate presidents and trains executives and managers on the advantages of using Emotional Intelligence to create better and more successful companies. His programs and books have been seen and read throughout the world. He is the author of Putting Emotional Intelligence to Work, Successful Leadership is More Than IQ, and three other books.

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What Others Say About David

"Putting emotional intelligence to work, to use Dr. Ryback's title, means bringing out the best talents in our executives and managers, and throughout the organization."

Andreas Renschler
CEO and President
Mercedes Benz U.S. International

"We are getting rave reviews from our participants. They are excited and eager to implement all of your suggestions and ideas that you disseminated"

Liane Levetan, CEO
Dekalb County, GA

"David Ryback gives you a new perspective on getting performance to a higher levels."

Peter Resnick, Corp. Controller
Bell Industries

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